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 Cosmo's fisrt assignment

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PostSubject: Cosmo's fisrt assignment   Cosmo's fisrt assignment Icon_minitimeTue Mar 12, 2013 3:56 pm

Hey guys its Cosmos here!! Ur new dorm leader!! Interesting to that fact that that this a more advanced dorm than the rest, we'll have a bit harder assignments than the rest of the dorms(unless you are a dorm leader yourself, then you must create your own assignments for the dorm you are currently leading) but i want to make them as much as possible none the less.

Now for a first assignment it is gonna be different. Instead of creating a decklist right off the bat, I'd like to get to know all the fellow members of the Obelisk dorm. I would like for you guys to what your fave card currently is and why it is that card. Also, if it isn't too personal, id like to know how you came about yugioh. You arent required to answer the last question if you don't want to share. I know it may sound more like an actual school assignment rather than something fun but i like to take the time to introduce ourselves to each other. So ill take the time to introduce myslf and the cards i like to use.

As for those who don't know or haven't noticed... Im CosmosDragon and i love beatstick builds. Most of the decks i use revolve around high atk beatsticks that quickly pummel my oppos. i also am seen using skill drain quite often to prevent any sort of counter with monster effects. My fav card is Shooting Star Dragon cuz i love using it. Also because it is a synchro i prefer pulling out rather than Shooting Quasar Dragon, despite what my DN name portrays and Quasar's superiority to Shooting Star. I wuz originally interested in yugioh because of the artwork. It stood out to me for some reason, and people saw me as a wierd person because of this. I wuz only 8 then( a decade ago), but still left an impression on my mind because of the fact that an artist can put a person into a fantasy that some people enjoy.

This is an example of what I would like to see. Again you do not have to answer the personal question if you don't feel like sharing. this first assignment is just a chance for me and others to get to know and what you like and how the card game has somehow impacted you. However, i do have a few rules i would like to lay down.

Plz don't resort to negative actions when ur down. if your angry, talk with the person your angry with. resolve it in a nice manner(hopefully. if not u can contact me if im on.)
If there is something that you dont agree with that i may have posted or made as an assignment, plz notify me. Nothing is better on a forum than the form of communication. I'll take the time to listen to your argument and see what i can do to change it.

This assignment is due in 10 days (March 22nd) so plz take your time within the next few days to answer the assignment. I will make a new assignment when this one is completed. If you have ideas for an assigment, plz notify me and I'll take your ideas into consideration.Ty for your time to listen. Have fun and play some good Yugis!! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Cosmo's fisrt assignment   Cosmo's fisrt assignment Icon_minitimeTue Mar 12, 2013 5:06 pm

First Assignment

My favourite card at the moment would be "Legendary six samurai Shien" The reason why is pretty simple. I'm currently using a Six Samurai deck and one must agree that this card is one of the main. The fact that he can negate one spell or trap once per turn can be extremely useful against, for example, the Elemental Heroes. As for when or why I started playing Yugioh, I give all the credits to my boyfriend BLKnight08. Wink

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Blue Dorm
Blue Dorm

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PostSubject: Re: Cosmo's fisrt assignment   Cosmo's fisrt assignment Icon_minitimeSat Mar 16, 2013 3:08 pm

My Favorite Card is RedEyes Darkness Metal Dragon cause before he was introduced to the game the only really good dragon build was a dedicated blue-eyes deck. Once the REDMD came on the seen he was the first key to play with your own dragon build, foolowed by the dragon's collide structure deck. despite the fact that konami lmited him and banned future fusion this is my favorite card. When I write something I like to challenge people to think. There are so many decks that have otks so why did they stab red-eyes in the foot. It seems like they pick and choose which decks top. Sorry if I rambled too much. laer peeps
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PostSubject: Re: Cosmo's fisrt assignment   Cosmo's fisrt assignment Icon_minitimeSat Mar 16, 2013 7:51 pm

I am Elkun11, I am a tester as well, but I just wanted to chose my favorite card. My favorite cards well I have two. The first one is the dark magician. I love this card because he is just awesome, ever since I first saw Yugi use him, I was in love (Lol) and the way you can use it is very unique and powerful. When I first started you would see me using the dark magician combo with the spell cards secret village of the spellcasters and ancient rules, dark magic attack, thousand knifes and etc and with royal degree, with book of moon, making sure my dark magician was the only powerful monster on the field. Of course you all know Yu-gi-oh changed and it was hard to keep playing dark magician. But I'm working on a way to make a powerful way to bring them back.
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PostSubject: Re: Cosmo's fisrt assignment   Cosmo's fisrt assignment Icon_minitime

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Cosmo's fisrt assignment
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