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 WInd-up's are still kicking

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WInd-up's are still kicking Empty
PostSubject: WInd-up's are still kicking   WInd-up's are still kicking Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 9:09 am

Fellow duelist's i bring good news to those you are fan's of the Wind-Up Archtype, WInd-Up's are still up and running.
The'll never ne as strong as before cause of the new Banlist from March 2013, never the less,
if your still willing to use these infamous creatures then here's what a deck build of the new Wind-up deck should look like

before poeple start saying Net-decking, youll notice that most WInd-up build's are going to look the same, it just depends on how you use them, So no nasty comment's -______- .

Total count standard 40 card deck.

enjoy Smile

Monsters 18

X1 Wind-up Magician
X3 WInd-up Rabbit
X3 Wind-up Rat
X3 WInd-up Shark
X2 Wind-up Soldier ( can also be put at three, mostly for the poeple that want more monsters XD )
X2 Effect veiler ( don't need to say much about these guys, Hand trap's )
X2 summoner monk ( he's kinda like a Magician replacement )
X2 Thunder KIng Ra-oh ( hes your first turn/ Meta/ i dont really have a good hand and can't perform the loop monster )

Spell's 13

X3 WInd-up factory
X2 Zenmailfunction ( this is optional, this is a card i teched in cause your going to fill the grave pretty easily early game with your good monsters)
X3 Mystical space Typhoon ( could also be put at 2, Nuff said Very Happy )
X1 Mind control ( this helps with the loop, if you dont have the necessary cards to perform it, just take one of his Smile )
X1 Dark hole
X1 Heavy Storm
X1 Monster reborn
X1 pot of avarice ( again cause you fill your grave pretty early game )

Trap's 9

X1 Zemmairch ( this is optional, it can recycle your wind-up's it's still undergoing test's )
X1 Solemn Judgment
X1 Solemn Warning
X2 Bottomless trap hole
X2 mirror force
X2 Starlight road ( could be bumped down to one for those who prefer )

Extra Deck 15 ( ehhh no shit, DERP )

X2 Stardust dragon
X1 WInd-up arsenal Zenmaioh
X1 Adreus, keeper of armageddon
X1 Tiras, keeper of Genesis
X2 Photon papilloperative ( your new best friend)
X1 Abyss dweller
X1 Kachi Kochi Dragon ( optional, i just like kachi kochi )
X1 Maestroke the symphony djinn
X1 Number 39: Utopia
X1 Number 16: Shockmaster (he's gonna be your first turn loop guy XD , yes there is more then just one loop he's part of loop 2 )
X1 Number 20: giga brilliant ( also part of the loop, goes for OTK )
X1 M-X saber Invoker ( your wind-up carrier Zenmaity's stand in XD )
X1 Wind-up Zenmaines

so, hope you guys enjoy the new wind-up build's, I myself like this build very much Smile i hope you all will too XD

Good Luck, And remember to have fun everyone.

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WInd-up's are still kicking
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